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In my reality, Halloween is just a bunch of slutty (insert noun) college kids wandering around with rheumy cough syrup induced gazes and a bunch of whiny kids with mucus-covered hands gently brushing their opposable thumbs across my arms as they dig at candy, all while coughing disease into my air space. That being said, Halloween is my favorite time of year. It’s all thanks to NBC and its annual Community Halloween episode.

I don’t know if anything could be better than last year’s Halloween episode, featuring a shirtless Donald Glover, a wild basement cat, and a zombie-esque disease. NBC will be damned if it doesn’t try, though. Today NBC announced it will launch a two-day Halloween block set to kick off on Thursday, October 27. According to Deadline, this means Community will have its day alongside Halloween episodes of The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Whitney.

On the flipside, it means NBC’s Friday night lineup has changed a little bit. Both new series Grimm and returning series Chuck have been pushed back a week to give them an opening date of October 28, during the two-day block. This shouldn’t be a big deal for Grimm, whose fairytale basis sort of fits into the framework of Halloween ideas; however, it doesn’t necessarily look good for Chuck. The show’s spy premise doesn’t seem to fit the Halloween theme particularly, and, if they are already shooting, the season opener might be in for some rewrites. Fingers crossed the Halloween theme was planned ahead of time, and NBC is just pushing back dates to get a two-day marathon. At least I hope. Chuck has enough problems without trying to fit a network-wide theme.