NBC is pretty big on the lengthy midseason break this year. Grimm’s winter finale aired way back in November--before the weather could really be described as super cold--and the series won’t be returning to the schedule until early March. This is the same tactic the network is using with shows like Revolution and The Voice. The good news is that the network is spending time trying to keep fans engaged in programming that still seems a long way off. Now, NBC has put together a brand new trailer teasing the upcoming episodes of the series.

The video first takes a look at Nick explaining his status as a Grimm, before giving us a sneak peak at some of the incredible makeup and effects the series gets into to bring monsters hiding out as humans onto the small screen. The trailers quick cut-to shots make it hard to process and full understand the information that’s coming across onscreen, but it does seem like Adalind will continue to meddle in upcoming episodes and that the problems between Nick and Renard will hit a critical point. The trailer ends on a light note, however, which is always appreciated when scary mythical creatures are involved.

Grimm returns to NBC’s Friday schedule on March 8, and, according to TV Line, actor David Giuntoli announced during Grimm’s TCA panel that the conflict between Nick and Renard will become a “big, angry kerfluffle,” which means that trailer plot point is likely going to be a big deal in upcoming episodes.

Grimm will return to the schedule on Friday, March 8 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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