The Guy Who Was Allegedly Killed By Suge Knight Was Not BSG's Terry Carter

Yesterday, someone was tragically killed on the set of Straight Outta Compton, allegedly after being hit by a car driven by rap mogul Suge Knight. Details of the case are still extremely fuzzy at this point, and they were even more so in the immediate aftermath of the attack. Numerous outlets, most prominently Entertainment Weekly, reported that the victim was former Battlestar Galactica star Terry Carter. Operating off this information, Cinema Blend and other outlets wrote obituaries for Terry Carter. Long story short, it turns out he’s alive and still kicking and the real victim is an unrelated Terry Carter.

According to TMZ, the victim is a tow truck driver. The Los Angeles Times further clarifies that the victim was only 55-years-old, which does not mesh with the 86-year-old actor. Entertainment Weekly has also updated its story to reflect the new victim.

The incident reportedly occurred following an argument in a parking lot. Suge Knight allegedly gunned his car to back up and mistakenly ran over his own friend, Terry Carter, as well as at least one other person. Carter later died, and the other victim is being treated for his injuries. The rap mogul allegedly left the scene of the crime, though he later turned himself in. He has since been charged with murder, though his attorney has already stated that he feared for his life and was just trying to remove himself from the situation.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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