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Despite her incredibly busy film schedule (Cloud Atlas among her upcoming projects), Academy Award winning actress, Halle Berry, might be following in so many other film star footstep... yes, one of the sexiest women alive is possibly making the transition to cable television. It won't be Berry's first foray into the medium, having done several made for TV movies, most notably her Emmy winning turn in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge but let's not also forget her stint on Knots Landing.

Deadline reports that people are "buzzing this afternoon about a hot drama spec that has Halle Berry attached to star. Word is the spec, titled Higher Learning, was sent out today to pay cable networks, with HBO and Showtime among those targeted."

At least Berry should be in good hands in she were to return to TV. There aren't many networks producing as high a quality of television as the aforementioned networks (and throw AMC in that mix as well). Details are minimal but apparently Berry would play a college professor in a script written by Lee Rose, a TV veteran with with 8 TV movies to her name.

Keep your ears peeled (wait, eyes, peeled?) for any further announcements or even pilot pickups in the near future. Yes, it's that hot. Halle Berry Hot.