Hotel Transylvania May Become A TV Series

Hotel Transylvania may not be as emotional as a Pixar film or as musical as a Disney animated feature, but the original film from Sony Pictures is both fun and amusing, and the trailer for the sequel looks very similar. Now, it seems Sony is trying to turn Hotel Transylvania into a much bigger franchise by creating a TV series based around the popular characters. News broke on Tuesday that Sony and Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana Studio are developing a TV series that would follow Mavis and her group of teenaged friends.

Currently, Hotel Transylvania the series hasn’t officially moved forward with a network or streaming service, which means we don’t know a ton of details relating to the animated program. We do know that Rick Mischel, Colin Bohm and Irene Weibel are executive producing the project. According to The Wrap, the creative team hopes to get it on the air sometime in 2017, so the show would not be premiering in tandem with Hotel Transylvania 2, which is expected to hit theaters on September 25.

It actually makes sense, as the Hotel Transylvania animated series’ description makes it sound as if it will be set in a time period prior to the events in either of the movies. In the show version, Mavis will be a teenager—not a mom with a baby like in Hotel Transylvania 2. Here’s the first trailer for the delightful looking animated adventure.

If Hotel Transylvania the TV series becomes a reality, it won’t be the first animated program to have good luck with TV spinoffs. Dreamworks is actually the king of this sort of programming, having put together multiple shows based on the characters from the How To Train Your Dragon series. The animation company also has a TV series based on the movie Turbo called Turbo Fast.

Currently, Sony hasn’t drawn up any of the specifics regarding who will do the voice work in the Hotel Transylvania 2 trailer. However, the fact that Mavis will be the lead in the potential series highlights the fact that the grownup monsters will be less important than the voice of the teenaged vampire. Mavis is voiced by Selena Gomez in the movies, and maybe she’ll stick around for the show. If that happens, we could even see Adam Sandler, David Spade, Steve Buscemi and more lend their voices on occasion, depending on how much money the animated program wants to spend. If it’s not a lot, we could certainly see the characters get recast, as well.

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