Selena Gomez Spent Some Time In Rehab Last Month, Reportedly Blames Bieber

Many people blame Selena Gomez, at least indirectly, for the downfall of Justin Bieber. The singer was on the straight and narrow for most of their relationship and then when she left, the wheels sorta came off. Consequently, many have spent the past six months or so imploring the starlet to come back and set her ex-boyfriend right, but it now seems the infrequent time she’s spent with the hitmaker over the past few months hasn’t been good for her. At all.

According to TMZ, Gomez checked into rehab last month and spent two weeks living at The Meadows, an Arizona clinic that specializes in “substance dependence, trauma, family dynamics, mental health and relapse prevention”. The help center is exclusively for young people between 18 and 26. Gomez has reportedly been struggling with alcohol, marijuana and Ambien-related issues. She hasn’t spoken on the record about the alleged problems, but sources close to the situation are saying both she and her advisors point the big ugly finger at Bieber. In fact, recent photographs that emerged of the two hanging out together on Segways were reportedly what convinced those around her to have the rehab conversation.

It’s always better to deal with minor issues before they become full blown problems, and it sounds like that’s what happened here. Gomez hasn’t been arrested or been involved in any sketchy situations. There haven’t even been very many whispers about her making mistakes, but if that’s the road she was heading down, it’s certainly better she address the issue now. Besides, if rehab was the sobering moment she needed to finally get over the Biebs, that’s probably good for her in the long run.

Gomez and Bieber dated for several years before they began encountering problems in late 2012, allegedly over the type of people he was choosing to hang out with. A long period of backslides followed before the two went in separate directions during the middle of ’13. The occasional hangsouts have happened since then, but given these latest developments, it would now be a shock if they ever got back together.

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