How American Horror Story: Hotel Might Connect To Season 1's Freakiest Character

We’ve known for a while now that all of the seasons of American Horror Story are interconnected – even though I’m pretty sure it didn’t start out that way – and we know that Hotel matched up with Season 1’s Murder House by way of the realtor Marcy (Christine Estabrook). But it seems like we might get to see this season also tie back to the scariest character of them all: The Infantata. Cue the horrified screams and squeaking basement steps.

Here’s how everything might fit together. In American Horror Story: Hotel, Lady Gaga plays the bloodthirsty and seemingly immortal Countess, and some set photos popped up recently that show Countess as pregnant. But not in the modern day. From the looks of the period cars nearby, this part of her story would be taking place back in the 1920s, and the scene in question was being filmed outside of Murder House. Season 1 fans know that this would be right when Dr. Charles and Nora Montgomery were living in the house, and it’s entirely possible that Countess is going there for a hush-hush abortion, especially since Matt Ross is returning for a guest spot.

As such, it stands to reason that maybe her bloodlust has something to do with that of the Infantata, also known as Thaddeus Montgomery, the far more disgusting but equally monstrous being that was resurrected by his father after he was kidnapped as an infant and returned to his parents all chopped up. We don’t really know what happened with him/it, and the similarities to Countess are a little too realized to be ignored completely. Is the Infantata the reason why she is who she is? Or is she the reason why he/it is still alive and living inside the basement? I can totally see Dr. Charles keeping some of her blood in order to do some experiments if the latter is the case.

Countess has made it clear that she was born in 1904, but it’s hard to tell if she was already turned into her immortal self by this point in her existence. This is also a few years before the time Evan Peters’ Mr. March built the Hotel Cortez, so it’s possible that he might get roped into this story tangent as well. (Possibly as the father?) Oh, to see him and Dr. Charles in the same scene would be magically horrific.

Of course, even if Countess is in some way connected to the Infantata, it will be before the creature is fully formed, which makes sense, as the character’s portrayer Ben Woolf was killed earlier this year. As well, since Lily Rabe is already playing serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the Halloween episode, it’s likely she won’t double dip by also reprising her role of Nora. But literally anything could happen in this series.

American Horror Story: Hotel airs Wednesday nights on FX. Let us know what you think preggo Countess at Murder House means.

Nick Venable
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