How Kevin Smith's Flash Episode Will Connect To His Movies

There are probably a lot of goodies in store for fans when The Flash finally debuts the episode directed by DC fan extraordinaire Kevin Smith. We already know that there will be a couple of cool Jason Mewes moments in the Smith-helmed episode, and that the director thinks his episode of The Flash is the best thing he’s directed so far. Now, we also know that one scene of the show will connect to his movies. According to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg:

There is one scene in there that is literally a scene out of a Kevin Smith movie.

The Flash’s executive producer spoke with a group of reporters yesterday after a screening of tonight’s Episode 19, “Back to Normal,” and was there. Andrew Kreisberg spoke at length about what it was like to have Kevin Smith on set and working on the show. Considering the following that the filmmaker has, and his well-known knowledge of the DC universe and love for The Flash, producers of the show were probably quite willing to let the director pay tribute to one of his films during the show. In fact, Kreisberg had quite a lot to say about how influential Smith was in general and the way he approached working on The Flash.

To think about how often I quote his movies, and how he was who I wanted to be when I was in college, and to sit in a room with him and have him speak about this show so lovingly, intelligently and deeply. He didn’t approach this in the way of, 'Well, here’s my chance to put my stamp on it,' or 'Here’s my chance to Clerks-ify it.' His biggest drive was just to not mess it up because he’s such a fan. There was a reverence and an awe in how he approached everything.

Those are some cool words for Kevin Smith. Andrew Kreisberg was clearly impressed with how he handled things for The Flash. So, what might this mystery scene involve? Kreisberg didn’t say, but it’s not hard to speculate. With a character like Cisco around, there’s a high likelihood that a big discussion of pop culture could be coming up in the episode, since that’s one of Smith’s favorite things to talk about. He’s known for his love of comics, even owning a comic book store in New Jersey, and co-hosts several podcasts about comics and pop culture. Of course, since Kreisberg name-checked Clerks, it could be possible that the scene in question is taken from that film.

Kevin Smith has been active as a writer, producer and director since his breakout film Clerks in 1994. He went on to direct Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Tusk and Yoga Hosers among others. He currently has five film projects in some stage of development.

Well, if Andrew Kreisberg’s words don’t get you excited for his upcoming work on The Flash, nothing will. The Flash airs on Tuesdays on The CW.

Adrienne Jones
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