The Gilmore Girls Reboot Is Moving Faster Than We Thought

2015 has been a good year for both people who want to remake movies and TV shows and people who want to keep telling stories from long-gone shows, and 2016 will hopefully be just as good for the people watching all of these reboots and continuations. One of the most-anticipated returns involves the quick-tongued leading ladies of Gilmore Girls, and the upcoming Netflix revival can’t get here quick enough. But it might get here quicker than we thought, as the powers that be are apparently already in the process of putting Stars Hallow back together again!

Sure, we’re still waiting on confirmations for which of the show’s stars will be back, but those deals always take the longest, since there are lots of factors to figure out like money and schedules. But that’s no reason for the behind the scenes guys to wait around until all the paperwork is signed and filed away. According to TVLine, the sets are being constructed, so we’ll hopefully soon be living in a world that once again has a full-sized Luke’s Diner and Rory’s Bedroom in it. These are magical days, people.

Not much is known about what we can expect from Gilmore Girls when it comes back, beyond the somewhat kooky timeline that the four 90-minute episodes will adhere to, with each episode takng place during a different season. So with the events covering an entire year, it seems likely that creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has a good idea of where she wants this story to go, which will obviously inform the set builders and set designers with what iconic locations (and possibly some new ones that had better be just as iconic) they need to put together.

It’d be nice to see a list of these sets being built to see if we could figure out what kinds of plotlines to expect. Like, if we’d see “Michel’s New York penthouse suite,” we’d know that we’d get to reconnect with Yanic Truesdale’s hilariously judgmental Michel, and that he’s doing pretty good in life. Or if we saw something that said “Kitchen for One of Luke’s Many 24-Hour Breakfast Diners,” we’d know a little bit more about where Luke would be in his life. That said, both of those ideas sound dumb to me, too, so you’re not alone.

In any case, we saw how quick Fuller House went from its initial announcement to production, so we’re hoping the same kind of accelerated plan is set for Gilmore Girls. Expect Rory and Lorelei’s latest adventures to join the rest of Netflix’s growing slate of shows at some point in 2016. Until then, just brush up on your indie rock band knowledge so that you get some of the references.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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