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Major spoilers below for anyone who isn’t yet caught up on Sons of Anarchy’s final season.


Last week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy broke a lot of fans’ hearts, as the ruthless crime boss August Marks (Billy Brown) ended the life of longtime SAMCRO badass Bobby Munson (Mark Boone Junior) with a swift gunshot to the face. Regardless of how it furthered the plot, it was a devastating blow to the M.C., and one with effects that will be felt throughout the series’ final four episodes. But it may surprise fans to know that the seriousness of the scene was counterbalanced by a hilarious flub that threatened to derail it.

Speaking with EW about the shocking episode, Brown shared the below story as one he’ll always remember. In the scene, Marks brings out the battered Bobby with a handgun secretly hidden in the back of Bobby’s jeans.
The problem was, in one of the takes, the pistol worked its way down the crack of his butt, and then down one of his pant legs. I’m fishing down there. My elbow’s deep in places I don’t want to be and I never thought I would be, in 101 degree weather out in Disney Ranch. Of all places, Disney Ranch, two grown men, my hand down the back of Boone’s pants lookin’ for his fuckin’ pistol. [Laughs] And then Boone, he’s trying to stay in the moment, and he’s shakin’ his right leg like he’s shakin’ change loose, until it finally works its way down under the top of his boot, and I gotta bend down. I was laughin’ with Coates and Flanagan later on—they could not keep it together as they saw me fish around the backside of homeboy’s pants for a pistol.

That sounds like just the kind of thing that Coates’ character Tig would be all about. He’s a little flippant and free with his sexuality and kinks.

Oddly enough, Brown said he doesn’t get sent the scripts for episodes that he isn’t in, so he actually had no idea that he and bodyguard Moses Cartwright (Matthew St. Patrick) were responsible for kidnapping and torturing Bobby as a threat to SAMCRO. So when Brown arrived for the episode’s table read, he was completely in awe by his character’s actions. Due to it being Boone’s final episode with the crew, Brown said the reading was particularly emotional and that several of the actors were tearful. I should hope so; Bobby was a big part of this series’ foundation.

As far as Marks’ possible death is concerned, Brown isn’t very particular about how he’d like for it to happen. But he’s got some advice on what not to do.
I just said to myself, ‘I just hope in Season 7, Kurt doesn’t have me gang-raped in the prison yard while being videotaped by sadistic guards.’ That was the only thing I was hoping for not to happen. Anything else? Let’s do it. Rock ‘n roll.”

Do you guys think Marks deserves to meet Mr. Mayhem and his band of merry handguns? (Assuming everyone is able to keep their guns from falling down their pants.) Find out if the next episode “Faith and Despondency” seals his fate when it hits FX on Tuesday night.

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