Welcome, all of you who may or may not have time to watch TV as it airs live. We’re going to start taking a weekly look at the three best TV series to hit the three most popular streaming sites, namely Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant. We realize that there are of course other streaming sites out there, and so we may allow an exception or two if need be. But for now, viewers, just sit back, relax, and let the world of television come to you.

”party I’m hard pressed to just list Party Down as all three of my choices this week, because it’s one of my favorite comedy series of all time, for almost every reason imaginable. Created by Veronica Mars mastermind Rob Thomas, Party Down follows a surly catering company comprised of actors, writers and those with Soup ‘R Crackers restaurant franchise dreams. As far as witty cynicism goes, this show is impossible to beat, and every episode features one quotable line after the next, with situations that beg for extended episodes. Thomas Lennon hosting an orgy? Yes please.

Though things change between seasons, Party Down mostly centers on Henry (Adam Scott), who returns to the Party Down squad after a failed acting career, initially working beneath team leader Ron (Ken Marino), who remains perpetually optimistic despite employing people who don’t respect him. Those people include Casey (Liz Caplan), a stand-up comic with a romantic eye for Henry; Kyle (Ryan Hansen), a model/actor/musician who gets by on looks and charm; Roman (Martin Starr), an extremely judgmental sci-fi writer; and Constance (Jane Lynch), a former actress who uses her show biz stories as social currency. Megan Mullally joins the cast in Season 2 as the naïve but constantly smiling Lydia. This show is an instant classic, and fuck Starz for cancelling it too soon.

All 20 episodes are available for Hulu Plus subscribers, while only 5 are currently available for non-subscribers.

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