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Jennifer Lawrence Perfectly Congratulated Amy Schumer For Her Emmy Win

When Amy Schumer took the stage last night at the Emmy Awards when her show Inside Amy Schumer won for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series, it was obvious that she wasn’t readily expecting to come out on top against the competitors in the category. But do you know who really came out on top? Jennifer Lawrence, Schumer’s new dancing buddy and screenwriting partner, as the Oscar-winning actress had two of the best forms of congratulations for Schumer.

First, Lawrence sent Schumer a text after her acceptance speech, which amusingly saw her thanking the woman who applied her smoky eye makeup job. Here’s how Schumer explained the text, according to Entertainment Tonight:

Jennifer sent me a really sweet text. She said that I looked ‘pretty, but not smart.’ She did. She’s really funny. She’s the real deal funny.

Zing! It’s always great when a good-natured barb can be shared between friends without anyone getting angry or offended. I’m sure someone out there thought it was wrong of Lawrence to say something like that, but they’re the ones that are wrong! Inside Amy Schumer delivers more vicious humor on a weekly basis, anyway.

And if that wasn’t enough, Schumer also found herself at the receiving end of more hot air from Lawrence in her hotel room. Okay, so I guess it was probably room temperature air, but still. This is amazing.

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I’ll probably never get to a point in my life where a friend hooks me up with a room full of giant balloons, either at home or in a hotel. Or even that big of a variety of balloons, from long twisty ones to big round ones to sparkly ones. I guess I’m trying to say I want to be Jennifer Lawrence’s friend. And I wouldn’t mind winning an Emmy for something.

Having just wrapped its third season earlier this year, Inside Amy Schumer is already set to come back for Season 4 in 2016. Should it remain as insanely poignant and topical as it was this year – both the 12 Angry Men sketch and the “Last Fuckable Day” sketch should be put in the Best Sketches Ever vault – it seems likely that Inside Amy Schumer could get a repeat win next year. By that point, Schumer and Lawrence’s movie will either be in production or in post-production, and the latter’s congratulatory presents to Schumer would be even more extravagant. We can’t wait.

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