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Did your high school lunch-lady look like Jennifer Lopez? Yeah, if memory serves, mine didn’t either but it seems Glee’s William McKinley High School’s lunch lady does. Or she will when Lopez guest stars.

According to Extra, Glee creator Ryan Murphy is writing a role for Lopez and they want her to be the cafeteria lady. Only in a completely backwards world could J.Lo (do people still call her that?) be a sloppy-joe serving lunch-lady. Even at age 40, she’s still too gorgeous for a hairnet and an apron but apparently, Murphy and the writers are thinking outside the box here. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing when you think about it. After all, it was surely that non-box thinking that paved the way for the series to score a Golden Globe for Best Comedy after only half a season, right?

Glee is currently on hiatus and won’t return with new episodes until April.

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