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ABC has added another name to its Spy pilot and Community fans are likely to be unhappy about it. Ken Jeong, who plays former Greendale professor and student, and uptight security guard Chang on the hit comedy is already setting his sights on ABC’s comedy project, about a highly intellectual boy, a cold mother, and a father who inadvertently joins the Secret Service.

The Spy pilot is based on the British TV series of the same name and in it, Jeong will play the Examiner, a character who is described as a bit of a troublemaker. He’ll play opposite Mason Cook as the son, Rob Corddry as the father, and Paget Brewster as the ex-wife and mother.

Jeong is the first Community cast member to join another pilot and, honestly, it doesn’t bode particularly well for fans of NBC’s series. While Deadline is reporting that Jeong’s commitments on Community will take precedence if NBC’s comedy stays on the air, ratings were down again this week and it doesn’t bode well that Jeong is out looking for alternatives. Unless he knows something about his character that we don’t know. In which case, six seasons and a movie is looking less dismal than this news seems at first glance.

If over the next few weeks other Community cast members seem to be jumping ship, fans should have a little more to worry about. Until then, at least for Jeong, the Spy pilot actually sounds like a pretty solid project to join.