A Key Side Character Is Returning To Bones

Fox’s long-running drama Bones has delivered a lot of weird stories this season, from a crossover with Sleepy Hollow to Hodgins getting paralyzed. (Yes, if you haven’t been watching, both of those things actually happened.) While there have been a lot of changes for the Bones crew recently, we also learned that Fox’s series will nod back to the show’s origins in an upcoming episode. The show has plans to bring back a character we definitely don’t get enough life updates for. That character would be none other than Agent Booth’s son from an earlier relationship, Parker.


In the early days of Bones, Parker was a cute kid played by Ty Panitz. However, now that Parker is a teenager, he has been replaced by Gavin MacIntosh, who popped up in a couple of episodes over the past few years. He briefly got to meet his half-brother after the birth, for instance. The actor is more known for work on ABC Family’s Freeform’s The Fosters, but TV Line reports that Parker will be back on the series for Episode 16 “The Strike in the Chord.” The episode will air sometime in May.

gavin macintosh

If you can remember back to the early seasons of Bones, Parker wasn’t in every episode, but he did pop up frequently. His character even got his own room after Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan lived together, but it wasn’t a room he really ever occupied. Instead, Booth and Brennan had Christine, and the show basically pretended Parker had never existed. He has popped up once in a blue moon on the series since he was basically written off, but now that Booth and Brennan have two kids and Parker is a teenager, the appeal of having the young man around is not what it once was. He’s too young to be another adult character and too old now to be adorable. We get it.

However, it’s still nice to hear that Seeley Booth will get a chance to bond with his kid at least once more before the series makes its final bow. While there were a lot of signs pointing to Bones getting cancelled at the end of this season, Fox made the surprising decision to renew the series for Season 12. The final set of episodes will be a short season for the series, but it should give the show a chance to wrap up on a high note and to tie up any loose ends… like seeing what Parker Booth is up to now that he’s getting older.

Bones has been missing from Fox’s schedule since its winter hiatus, but the series has filmed quite a few more episodes for Season 11. Even better, Bones is coming back this week. You can catch new episodes starting on Thursday, April 14 at 8 p.m. ET, only on Fox. In addition, here’s what else network TV has coming up this summer.

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