Kourtney And Kim Take New York Season 2 Finale Earns Big Ratings For E!

E! aired the season finale of Kourtney & Kim Take New York last night, which revealed what appeared to be the beginning of the end for Kim Kardashian’s marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries and closed out what was a relatively unhappy season by comparison to the rest of the Kardashian series, but did earn some seriously impressive numbers regardless.

E! wasn’t shy about promoting the finale for the reality show, repeatedly airing ads that promised drama largely in the form of Kim stressing over the state of her relationship to her new husband Kris. Given that the ending of this story was widely publicized by the tabloids, it's likely that many tuned in to see how much of the couple's drama was caught on camera. And oh, did the viewers tune in to watch... Variety posted the news, stating that the telecast drew a hefty 4.5 million viewers, putting it in the #3 spot for most-watched telecasts in the network’s history. 3.3 million of those fell under the 18-49 demo and 1.6 million were women 18-34. Misery does love company and there was plenty to go around during last night’s finale. The episode included Kim admitting (mostly to her sisters) her unhappiness in her marriage.

From what was shown over the course of the season, tension between Kim and Kris seemed to be steadily mounting as the season finale approached, and while the couple didn’t officially call it quits by the end of last night’s finale, Kim’s hesitation in letting Kris move his stuff back to her house in L.A. suggested that her mind was already made up, or close to it by that point. Let’s hope both have moved on to happier times since leaving New York.

On a more personal note, my own newfound guilty-appreciation for Kardashian drama is thanks to Netflix and my own foolish belief that I could just watch one episode and not get hooked. Regardless, I vow to watch more PBS to offset this, and I have plenty of time to do that while we wait for Khloe & Lamar Season 2 to premiere (February 19th).

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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