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As though there weren't already enough comedic talent among the cast of Arrested Development, Kristen Wiig is joining the lot. The former Saturday Night Live star is reportedly set to make an appearance in Arrested Development, which returns for its anticipated fourth season at Netflix this May. And wait until you hear who she's playing!

Spoiler alert. Wiig's playing a pretty relevant character, so if you're trying to avoid notable details about Arrested Development's new season, read no further!

Vulture broke the story tonight, stating that Wiig and Seth Rogen both filmed "a little something'" for Arrested Development. While the details surrounding Rogen's role are still unmentioned, Vulture has revealed that Wiig will be playing "young Lucille Bluth."

Kristen Wiig as a younger Jessica Walter? I'm not sure I would have pictured that, but the image formed easily the moment I read that news. Both women are beautiful and hilarious, so they probably couldn't have found a better actress to play the role. And now we're left to wonder how young Lucille Bluth fits into the story. It's presumably a flashback of some sort. Should we expect any other younger versions of the Bluth family? Or, as Vulture speculates, maybe a young Lucille Austero? That would certainly be a sight and it leaves us wondering who could play a younger Liza Minnelli.

Since her departure from Saturday Night Live last year, Wiig has predictably been lining up the projects, most of which put her on the big screen. Her appearance in Arrested Development will be a real treat for those of us who miss seeing her on the small screen.