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Legends Of Tomorrow Is Confirmed For Season 2, Get The Details

The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow is one of the more original superhero shows on television right now. Featuring a rag-tag bunch of villains and heroes on a trip through time (and sometimes space) the show has been a ratings boon for the network. And, now, its been rewarded with a Season 2 pickup from its network.

The CW confirmed to CinemaBlend today that the series will see another season next year, although a premiere date has yet to be set for the fantasy show. The Season 1 premiere for Legends of Tomorrow was the highest rated show in that time slot for the network in more than three years and brought in over 3 million viewers. The demo rating of the 18-49 age bracket for the premiere, which reached 1.2, was the best in the time period for the past two years. Only The Vampire Diaries’ 100th episode in early 2014 has hit that number recently.

legends of tomorrow renewed

While the ratings didn’t topple the current premiere ratings record holder, The Flash, from 2014, Legends of Tomorrow did manage to best the competition in its time slot from ABC and NBC. It also ranked as the highest rated telecast in the time period since February 2010, and was able to double the ratings of that time slot from earlier this season. But, even with the numbers the show has managed to bring in, it was thought that the series might be too expensive for The CW to continue with it for more than one season, so it's truly good news that it will get another chance to shine.

Legends of Tomorrow has continued to surprise viewers with the combination of heroes and villains, all of whom showed up previously on either (or both) Arrow and The Flash. The series, which takes place in the same TV universe as those shows, has also managed to shock viewers with sudden deaths and intriguing revelations about the crew, and their fearless leader, since the beginning of the show. We’ve already had a surprising death, the realization that the team wasn’t assembled for exactly the reason they thought, and an unexpected betrayal that led to some very unintended consequences.

The freshman series has also made a commitment to mine the rich history of DC comics by having appearances from lesser known characters from those comics, something that has, undoubtedly, endeared it to comic book fans who check out the show. The time travel based show is a good place to introduce past heroes like the original Red Tornado (who first appeared in 1940), Sergeant Rock (a character with almost 60 years of comic book history) and Doctor Mid-Nite (who debuted in 1941). With that kind of history behind the show, it’s no wonder that it’s been able to kick some major ass in the ratings.

Well, we’ll be getting more of Legends of Tomorrow sometime next season. And it’s almost certain that the show will continue to bring the most shocking twists to TV’s superhero genre.

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