Watch Female Anchors Laugh About How Sexual A New Hair Product Looks In Classic Clip

It’s Wednesday, or Hump Day or Empire return day, whatever you’d prefer us to call it. We’ve been scouring the interwebs to bring you news and landed upon this classic video of early morning TV hosts trying to discuss a hair product that, well, looks like something very different. You can catch this perfect clip of the ladies giggling their way through the segment, below.

This gem of an internet video starts with three women gazing at a product called a Hot Bun, which is made for women with different hair colors. There’s a chocolate-colored bun for brunettes and a cream-colored bun for the blonde faction of the population. Basically, you wrap your hair around the contraption and it’s supposed to give you the perfect bun. The only problem is that it’s shaped exactly like a penis when it’s not folded and the women on the Grand Rapids early morning show could not handle it. Really, though, they have a point.

penis buns

One woman is already having trouble keeping it together when the second woman starts talking about how the Hot Bun is a “pretty good size.” If that doesn’t have you spitting out your coffee, there’s a third woman who sees where the conversation is going and tells the other gals to “put that thing away.” By then, however, the WZZM Take 5 ladies are snorting and have totally lost all control. At least they aren’t doing this while wearing news outfits shaped like a penis, which would have taken this whole thing to another level.

On the bright side, when folded the Hot Buns don’t look too terrifying. But when they are open, they do rather look like they have a very different function. Not that we’ve handled the package product ourselves.

folded Hot Bun

At the very end, the first host eventually is able to tell the audience exactly how the product works, but by that time, any mothers of ballet dancers who caught the clip were probably not ready to pull out their wallets to shell out for the product with the image of genitalia in mind.

Local news clips are often the best. From people failing at jumping fences to anchors spotting weird backyard art and the occasional f-bomb drop, the local news often gets away with shenanigans that other national news programs strive to avoid. So when we find a gem like this one, we promise to bring it to you every time.

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