Modern Family's Ty Burrell And His Brother Sell Comedy To ABC

What's better than Ty Burrell on ABC. More Ty Burrell at ABC? The actor who plays the patriarch of the Dunphy clan on ABC's Modern Family is teaming up with his real-life brother to create a comedy pilot for ABC. This one also happens to have a family focus and is based on the brothers' childhood.

Deadline is reporting that Burrell and his brother Duncan have sold a comedy to ABC, earning a script commitment with penalty for the project. The premise is based on their childhood and would follow two city families who purchase the lone store in a small rural town in Oregon. "In a world where everyone is overly stressed and reliant on technology, this group works together, without every modern convenience, to make a better life for their family."

It sounds like a concept that could definitely work, as the whole "city people in a country environment" will never get old. In fact, the more we rely on technology, the funnier it likely is to see people try to go without it. I can't help but picture Ty Burrell in a situation like that as Phil Dunphy. Obviously, if the project goes forward, it seems unlikely Burrell would star. Modern Family's probably not going anywhere anytime soon, and it's impossible to imagine ABC's Emmy winner without Burrell around. But I could see a Phil Dunphy-type being thrown in the mix of one of the mentioned families. We'll have to wait and see what develops from this one, but if Burrell is half as funny behind the scenes as he is on camera, ABC could have something really great on its hands.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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