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Well, we’re at that time of year when the networks begin to decide which shows they want to cancel. Some series’ cancellations aren’t all that surprising but this latest bit of news was a bit of a shock. Apparently, USA has decided that the eighth season of Monk will be its last. My first thought when hearing this was, “How am I going to break this news to my father?” Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Monk centers on Adrian Monk, a skilled detective with OCD. The series balances the line between serious and funny as Monk and his assistant Natalie tackle various investigations while Monk does his best not to get his own hands dirty. According to The Hollywood Reporter, USA ordered 16 episodes for the eighth season and decided that they’ll end the series there. The reason for the cancellation isn’t due to failing ratings, however. “Sources said the decision to end "Monk" after its eighth season was reached mutually by all parties involved with the show who wanted to bring the series to an end while it was still firing on all creative cylinders. And, after seven seasons, the show's high price tag likely made it hard for USA to justify going beyond an eighth season.” The eighth season is set to premiere on USA next summer.

Eight seasons is a long enough run for any successful TV series. I don’t watch Monk regularly but I do manage to catch a handful of episodes each season at most. It’s one of those series that you can enjoy on an episode to episode basis, though I suspect loyal fans will be extremely disappointed by this news nonetheless.