The Mystery Of Jon Snow's Hair Has Finally Been Revealed

One of the main characters of Game of Thrones who is most shrouded in mystery is Jon Snow. In fact, there are still so many mysteries surrounding Jon that it just didn’t make sense that his death at the end of Season 5 could stick. Do we know who his mother was or what his role in fighting the White Walkers Will be? No. But now, the old gods and/or the new have granted the solution to great question of whether or not Kit Harington really cut his hair after Jon Snow’s death. The answer: Harington did indeed lose some locks, and we can rest easier tonight for knowing the truth.

The mystery has its roots in Kit Harington’s frustration with how his role on Game of Thrones required him to keep his hair a certain length, so his reported haircut following the finale of Season 5 seemed to support the claims that Jon Snow was really, truly, 100% super dead. Soon thereafter, however, photos of Harington surfaced that showed that his hair didn’t look all that different from his Jon ‘do. Eagle-eyed fans looking to figure out via hair whether or not Jon was dead were stumped.

Now that Jon has officially been returned to the land of the living, Kit Harington was free to explain to EW just what was up with his hair. As it turns out, he wasn’t lying about chopping off some of his hair, but he just had so much of it that nobody really noticed that it wasn't the same mop-top that he had for Jon in Season 5.

It’s nice to know that Kit Harington at least had one thing he didn’t have to lie about to preserve the secret of Jon Snow’s resurrection. In fact, admitting that he had a haircut was a way for him to both tell a truth and support the story that Jon was gone for good. Harington hasn’t been quiet about wanting to cut his hair, and it’s no secret that his hair had been kept long due to a clause in his contract. Surely a haircut would speak louder than words in his case, and the implication was that Jon was dead, and Harington didn’t even have to spell it out for us. Even though he did.

Interestingly, the Jon Snow hair shenanigans didn’t stop with his first post-Season 5 haircut. The production team decided prior to Season 6 that Jon should have a shorter ‘do for his next set of adventures in the North, so Kit Harington actually wore hair extensions for his corpse scenes in the first two episodes of the sixth season. Carice van Houten's Melisandre was snipping fake hair off of Harington’s head during the resurrection ritual. Harington’s hair went from long to comparatively short to extended to even shorter all in the matter of months. No wonder we were bamboozled.

Jon Snow has only just been resurrected, so we still have yet to see his hair get shortened even further. Be sure to tune in to Game of Thrones on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET to see what will happen next on Jon Snow’s head. Other stuff will probably also happen.

Laura Hurley
Senior Content Producer

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