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Country singer Miranda Lambert is stepping into an executive producer role; she’s sold a dramedy project to NBC after plenty of interest in it from other networks. NBC will keep it all in the family for Lambert and her husband, Blake Shelton, who is starring on The Voice.

The light drama is based on Lambert’s childhood, and even has her mother on board as a consultant. It surrounds the true story of her parents, retired police officer Richard Lee “Rick” Lambert who, along with Miranda Lambert’s mother Beverly “Bev” June Lambert, starts up a private investigation business while raising their two teenage children. The Lambert family hails from Lindale, Texas, so I am betting we can expect plenty of southern drawl and some larger-than-life Texas characters in cowboy hats and boots who can hopefully avoid becoming caricatures. They’ve already got nicknames in quotation marks, albeit obvious and somewhat disappointing ones, so they’re well on their way.

This is the second attempt to get the project going. According to Deadline, it was at ABC Family last year, but clearly didn’t work out. It sounds like NBC was very interested, and Blake Shelton may have brought some influence to bear as well, so the future for the project is a bit brighter this time around. Lambert already has a successful career in country music, but it doesn’t seem to be much of a leap from music to television these days. How a country music singer goes to judging on a singing competition makes some sense, but executive producing a television show is another matter. We’ll have to wait and see how the project fares on its second network.

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