There’s hope on the horizon for anyone who wasted weeks trying to get into Fox’s Terra Nova when they could have been investing time in to NBC’s The Sing-Off. Starting today, is offering every already aired episodes of its new programs Up All Night, about a couple learning to live with a new baby, Whitney, about a witty gal and her relationships, and Grimm, a genre-blending fairytale and crime program set in the modern day.

NBC will also be offering whole seasons of Parenthood, The Biggest Loser, and The Sing-Off to watch during the holidays. Call it a Christmas present come early or just call it a nice chance to get into some NBC shows; either way I’m quite happy for the opportunity, even I’m a little miffed 30 Rock isn’t part of the list. I’m so behind on < i>30 Rock and would have been totally stoked if it was included in NBC’s little gift. According to THR, you can check out the newly available episodes over at

On a more serious note, pushing all of the recent episodes of some of their newest and highly touted programs is kind of a big deal. NBC normally only lets fans backlog a few episodes at a time on its website. Now, that NBC has an overall deal with Hulu Plus, it’s been a little easier for subscribers of that service to catch up on their favorite network programs. The rest of us have to wait for kindness like this from NBC--that or expensive DVD sets. NBC is likely hoping to bring in a few more fans due to its promotion; even if that’s the case, it’s a damn good deal.

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