NYCC 2011 Video Interview: Nikita Writer-Producer Albert Kim

Looking for the scoop on what’s to come on Nikita? Who better to talk to than one of the show’s writer-producers, Albert Kim?

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

When we last left our heroine at the end of season one, Nikita sadly parted ways with her partner, Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), but teamed up with her flame, Michael (Shane West). Even with Percy (Xander Berkeley) semi out of the picture, the secret government-funded organization, Division, is still very much up and running courtesy of its new leading lady, Amanda (Melinda Clarke). As we’ve seen thus far, Nikita and Michael are still out to topple the corrupt agency, but must do so in hiding and are perpetually on the run.

Even as a show that maintains an impressively solid through line, Nikita also boasts a relentless ability to offer up new twists and turns and, naturally, that’s what this roundtable conversation with Kim focused on over at New York Comic Con. Not only did Kim reveal quite a bit about the show writers’ process, like the practice of having the writers produce their own episodes, but he also dropped a ton of hints as to where season two is heading, including some sort of reunion between Alex and Nikita, Nikita and Michael drifting apart, the return of supporting characters like Owen (Devon Sawa) and Ryan (Noah Bean), and much more.

Check it all out in the video interview below.

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