Nathan For You Has Been Renewed For Season 4 On Comedy Central

Nathan For You isn't necessarily one of the first shows you would associate with Comedy Central, a channel that has built a brand around news programming like The Daily Show and some female-centric comedy like Broad City. However, for the past three seasons the comedy starring Nathan Fielder has quietly been one of the oddest but funniest shows on TV, and now Comedy Central has signed on for yet another season of the series. That’s right, Nathan For You will officially return for Season 4.

Nathan For You doesn’t do outwardly great ratings, but the news from Comedy Central indicates the show does well in the network’s core demographic. In fact, during Season 3, Nathan For You increased a whopping 20% in men in the 18-24 demographic, which should be appealing to advertisers. Apparently, the show does well in the digital sphere, too, with digital platform viewership increasing 24% in Season 3. (On the Comedy Central app, viewership increased a whopping 92%, but that may just be a byproduct of a lot more people signing up for the app.) The renewal comes just as Comedy Central is wrapping up its third season on the cable channel.

The business-oriented "reality" comedy that mocks typical reality shows follows comedian Nathan Fielder as he helps small businesses to boost sales and turn their business model around with some of the most ridiculous ideas he can come up with. This season, for instance, he helped a hotel to advertise to sexually active parents and helped a female boutique business to work with male customers by creating a “man zone.” The whole thing is pretty great, and it has earned Field plenty of fans who love the onscreen antics the comedian puts together in relation to various businesses each week. Here's an example of the oddball stuff the show will put together for viewers:

Thursday’s big finale will be an extended episode. Called “The Hero,” the episode will follow Fielder, who reportedly trained for seven months to turn an ordinary man into a hero. Comedy Central calls it “an astonishing life transformation.” We call it elaborate, but in a way that is hopefully very funny.

There’s no word from Comedy Central on how many episodes will be produced for Season 4, but if past seasons are any indication, eight episodes are likely to be produced of the series in 2016. We'll let you know as soon as Comedy Central gives us additional information about the new season.

For now, the Nathan For You Season 3 finale will air tonight at 10 p.m. ET, only on Comedy Central. If you are interested in what shows are coming up at midseason, you can check out our winter TV premiere schedule.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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