As always, there are spoilers from last night’s episode in the paragraphs, below! Read on at your own risk.

The Originals finally returned to the CW’s schedule on Tuesday night, putting together an episode that was pretty high in political conversation, as to be expected. It can take a while for viewers to get their sea legs after a show has been absent for several weeks, and The Originals is not the easiest show to jump back into. Now that we’ve caught Klaus’ tryst with Genevieve and re-remembered Rebekah is off the show, we can take a look at next week’s preview.

The video is titled “An Unblinking Death,” but while it offers plenty of musings from its main characters and an ominous note from Klaus who mentions, “This story doesn’t end well,” we don’t know whose life will be on the line. It does look like Father Kieren and Cami will be in a little bit of trouble and will be playing a bigger role next week, likely because Kieren was hexed with the same spell his nephew, Sean, got—and we all know how that ended. Things aren’t looking good for that pair, especially since Cami admitted she slept with Marcel and Marcel and Klaus are on the outs, again.

Speaking of being on the outs, Marcel mentions the various factions of supernatural beings in the trailer, noting that witches, vampires and werewolves are unlikely to be able to get along. There’s been a war “a-brewing” all season, but quite frankly, the last several episodes have felt like real filler. I was hoping the show would come back with an explosive episode, but as usual it was a lot of the characters plotting over and over again. This time Marcel is on the outs and will have to fight Klaus and Elijah for rule. I know The Originals has a full Season 1 episode order, and I actually like the plotting aspects of the series; I just hope the show doesn’t keep creating an idea of a war that is less than explosive. With the “who rules New Orleans” plot growing a bit thin, it could be pretty sweet for some other--any other-- big baddie to come in.

But enough about my issues. The characters are all still likeable, and if you’ve liked all of the plots thus far, there’s no reason to jump ship, now that your sea legs are back. The serious, all-out war that has been teased all season has to be coming soon, right?

You can catch new episodes of the CW’s The Originals on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET. Recent episodes are also available online.

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