Pitch Perfect's Brittany Snow Joins To My Future Assistant Pilot

Pitch Perfect starlet Brittany Snow has been added to the cast of Fox’s comedy pilot, To My Future Assistant. The actress will play Jen, a bright and pretty young lawyer ready and willing to make her mark on the world. Since she only recently passed the bar, she’s hoping to make an impression at a law firm that’s filled with horrible bosses and jaded assistants. Luckily, Jen is pretty ambitious and ready to make her mark.

Last week, we learned that Joe Egender and Melissa Tang had joined the pilot as two assistants. At the time, we also learned Egender’s character, Roy, will have a crush on a character named Jen. Who can blame him? From the aforementioned Pitch Perfect to the popular drama American Dreams, Snow has been loveable in almost everything she’s done, excepting the 1600 Penn pilot, which the actress was cut out of after a table read.

Also signed on for the pilot is actress Catherine O’Hara, who has joined To My Future Assistant as one of the aforementioned bosses who gives a lot of crap to the underlings. According to THR, Friends' Sherry Bilsing-Graham and Ellen Kreamer are set to write the pilot, as well as executive produce alongside Dan Lin and Jennifer Gwartz. Additionally, Yes Man director Peyton Reed is signed on to direct and executive produce the pilot. At this point, To My Future Assistant’s cast and crew are looking pretty tops, and I’m personally rooting for this one to move forward at Fox.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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