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The French equivalent of Kim Kardashian has found herself in quite the dilemma since November 7 when her boyfriend was found stabbed, in a pool of blood. The reality TV star, Nabilla Benattia has been accused for attempted murder on her reality TV boyfriend, Thomas Vergara.

Now as the young 22-year-old woman is out on strict bail conditions awaiting the trail for the attempted murder of her 28-year-old boyfriend, claims have been streaming in on what exactly happened that night. Benattia is said to have attacked Vergara at an apartment hotel in Boulogne, Billancourt, outside of Paris on the night on of November 7. Mirror UK reports her denial of being “consumed by jealousy and sexual aggression” as she allegedly attacked the man with a kitchen knife to the chest.

The story has changed many times, and for the most part it sounds as if Benattia is just trying to cover her tracks. At first, she told the police that Vergara had been attacked by three strangers after they exited a taxi to go into their hotel. But then, CCTV proved Benattia’s story to be false, showing the couple arrive and head up to their apartment without any disruption. After her first story deemed untrue, she changed it, stating that her boyfriend was high on cocaine and alcohol, accidentally stabbing himself during a fight. But then she offered a third version claiming she was in fear of her life as Vergara was hitting her, and then he stabbed himself in the confusion. While Benattia’s lawyer insists that these are rumors and the only version of the story was recorded while in custody, it seems highly unlikely that she played complete victim in the whole mess.

The star could face 30 years in prison if found guilty at trial, and within her five weeks in Versailles women’s prison before being released on bail she was named a vulnerable prisoner due to many fears of attacks by other inmates because of her fame. The model-turned-reality TV star just made her big break last year on the show, Les Anges de la telerealite(The Reality-TV Angels) where a number of French wannabes shared a Florida apartment as they dreamed of one day finding stardom. Benattia met Vergara during the show, and they had been dating ever since. Their romance was a central storyline of the show, and soon after Benattia was given her own show called Allo Nabilla.

On her bail, Benattia is forbidden to contact Vergara on any outlet, including social media, and she is forbidden to leave France. The reality TV star doesn’t exactly live in reality though, and hopes to just continue carrying out her work commitments without commenting on the murder case. So, we’ll have to see what happens when the case goes to trial, but without trying to generalize in the fact that reality TV stars be crazy, it’s not looking too good for Benattia. And it may be tough to keep up her tan with a 30 year prison sentence.

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