Rob Kazinsky Will Play A Love Interest In True Blood's Season 6

True Blood’s bringing in a brand new love interest, and, while this is a pretty common occurrence on the show, this time Sookie will get the honors of wooing a new man. Although the pint-sized part-fairy has had her share of love interests, including Bill, Eric, and the werewolf Alcide (we probably shouldn’t forget Sam’s former interest in his waitress, either), in this case, Sookie’s partner may have a little more in (supernatural) common with her partner. Rob Kazinksy is joining the Season 6 cast, and he’ll be playing a faerie who has a thing for Sookie.

The English actor is set to play Ben, a faerie who will be introduced in time to help work through the mystery of Sookie and Jason’s parent’s death, which was teased at the end of Season 5. While most of the faeries have only popped in and out of a few episodes of HBO’s hit series, TV Line is reporting Kazinsky will be on board as a series regular in Season 6. Which means we’ll see him a lot, and, due to his love connection with Sookie, I’m guessing we’ll also see a lot of him.

Kazinksy is best known in England for his role in the popular soap opera, EastEnders. He has appeared in roles in the States before, including a short-term gig on the now-cancelled show, Brothers and Sisters. The actor’s role as Ben will mark his first long-term gig in a U.S. series, and I couldn’t think of a more fitting series to help the actor branch from soap opera to drama.

Season 6 of True Blood is expected to begin airing on HBO in the summer of 2013.

Jessica Rawden
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