SNL: Watch Melissa McCarthy Lose It During A Horror Movie

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live saw comedian and actress Melissa McCarthy hosting for the fourth time. McCarthy is known for being a fearless comedy force in film, who has been seen doing and saying some truly unbelievable things. SNL clearly knows and appreciates this, as they had Melissa McCarthy doing some truly insane physical comedy throughout last night’s episode. One of the standout sketches from the show featured the host as one of the people who gets to see the pre-screen of a horror movie, with the studio filming the theater’s reactions using night vision cameras. The results were phenomenal, check it out.


Once again, classic and semi-insane Melissa McCarthy for this win. This sketch was super successful, essentially from the very start.

Melissa McCarthy plays a frizzy haired woman named Dottie who is attending a screening for new fictional horror movie called The Culdesac (which is a pretty hilarious and amazingly vague name for a horror movie). The studio executive polls the group to see if any of them experienced a jump-scare during the movie. Dottie seems normal enough, admitting to being scared and congratulating the studio on a great new slasher. 

We are then shown the night vision footage of Melissa McCarthy as something scary appears on screen. Rather than just jumping, Dottie goes basically manic at the height of her fear. She does a spit-take on the back of someone’s head, while also emptying the remains of her soft drink onto the unsuspecting laps of the people behind her.

Things only continue to get worse as both The Culdesac and the sketch itself continue. The second time we’re shown the character Dottie in night vision results in her projectile vomiting out of fear and punching Vanessa Bayer in the face; don’t worry because the studio exec assures us that Vanessa was just fine afterward.

The final night-vision shot is the craziest of them all. While watching the final chase moment of The Culdesac, Melissa McCarthy has a full blown meltdown. Her character Dottie clearly begins to fear for her life, and starts screaming obscenities at the top of lungs. In typical fashion, she begins looking to interact with the people around her out of fear. Of course, all of the surrounding seats have since been emptied as fellow moviegoers have fled from her wrath. She ends up finding another moviegoer in front of her, takes off his shirt, and attempts to suffocate him by putting it over his head. The whole thing gets worse as she begins urinating herself and screaming about it, much to the glee of SNL regular Leslie Jones

Overall, this sketch really tickled me. The editing was great and the sketch was overall perfect in length and material. 

You can see Melissa McCarthy in theaters next in The Boss in April, as well as the upcoming Ghostbusters film in July. 

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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