See The Flash's Brand New Season 2 Suit

At San Diego Comic-Con, Stephen Amell took the Hall H stage dressed in his brand new costume for the next season of Arrow. Sadly, Grant Gustin didn't pull a similar stunt before the Flash's panel, but now we have an official look at the Scarlet Speedster's duds for Season 2:


Warner Bros. Television released this brand new image... and I don't honestly blame you for struggling to find what the differences are. If you take a look at the Season 1 costume reveal below, however, you may be able to figure it out:


Did you get it? It seems that the most significant change to the Flash costume is the coloration of the symbol. In the first season of the show, Barry Allen sported a strike of lightning across a red background, but in the next season the logo will look more like it does in the comics, with the classic white background.

Because WB wants to set a certain mood with this official Flash Season 2 image, some of the details are obscured, but I have some good news: I have a much brighter photo of the same costume. When I was on the convention floor of San Diego Comic-Con earlier this month, I spotted the suit in a display case along with many other outfits from the CW's lineup of superhero shows. You can check out my shot below, and click it to see it in high-res!


While it's nice that the creators and costume designers of the show are looking to make the costume look more like Flash's comic book counterpart, I'm still hoping that they will eventually change one key element: the color shade. If Flash were a more moody series like Arrow it would make sense that he would have some darker duds, but the reality is that the show is surprisingly bright and happy, and should have the color of the costume from the source material to match. Perhaps Cisco will start using some brighter red fabric in Season 3.

What do you think of the Flash costume design and changes for Season 2? Hit the comments with all your thoughts, feelings and opinions.

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