See Kristin Chenoweth As Maleficent In New Descendants Photo

Who's the evilest of them all? In the world of Disney animation, Maleficent ranks pretty highly on that front, being one of Disney's most classic villains. The Sleeping Beauty character's story was told in a recent live-action movie, and another version of Maleficent is set to be featured in Disney Channel's planned original movie Descendants. The latest look at Descendants shows us Kristin Chenoweth as Maleficent, horns, staff and all!

Music and comedy are two things Kristin Chenoweth does really well. We've seen her demonstrated good-witch side when she played Galinda in Broadway's Wicked. How's her dark side? Looking at the photo above, which comes courtesy of EW, it seems like she's up to no good, with one darkly manicured index finger pointed at her mouth as she stares off in thought while her daughter, Mal (Dove Cameron).

This new photo follows the previously released glimpse of Descendants, which showed us Dove Cameron as Mal, along with her fellow Disney-villain-offspring teens Evvie (Sofia Carson), Carlos (Cameron Boyce) and Jay (Booboo Stewart).

Kenny Ortega's directing this TV movie, which focuses on the teen kids of many of Disney's most classic animated characters. In this modern-day setting, the son of Belle and Beast is preparing to ascend the throne when he invites the descendants of villains Maleficent, Evil Queen, Jafar and Cruella de Vil into the kingdom to attend prep school. While the focus of the story sounds like it's on Mal, Evvie, Carlos and Jay's efforts to fit in at school and decide whether or not they want to follow in the evil footsteps of their parents, from what EW says about Maleficent, it sounds like she may have some dark plans of her own.

"Maleficent is the only villain among those held prisoner on the Isle of the Lost who has not completely given up hope on conquering the kingdom," the site reports. Looking at the photo above, it seems like maybe she's plotting something. Perhaps she sees Mal's admission to the school as an opportunity to infiltrate the kingdom? It's probably worth considering, at the very least. But will Mal go along with it?

Going back to the photo above, looking at Kristin Chenoweth's take on Maleficent, it seems like they're going with a more colorful look here, which isn't surprising after seeing the kids' costumes. The purple attire seems to draw some inspiration from the coloring of the animated character on which Chenoweth's role is based...


It's a bit more colorful than Angelina Jolie's version. But this is Disney Channel and a musical, so that's to be expected. And now we want to see Kathy Najimy's Evil Queen look!

Descendants will air on Disney Channel in 2015.

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