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Today marks the birthday of the eight main characters in the Netflix series Sense8 and in honor of the ensemble, the series has announced its Season 2 renewal. Fans were starting to get worried that this popular Wachowski sibling series was on its way to disappearing. But alas, Netflix has given us all hope, with this adorable Happy Birthday video from the cast:

The hit sci-fi series, starring the above actors, follows the story of eight strangers living in various parts of the world who all have awoken with a strange ability. They are connected with one another. The first season of the Matrix director’s series works more as an origin story to these individuals, showing their connections to each other strengthen, and their abilities to hone each individual’s special talents whether it be martial arts or computer hacking. All while exploring their newfound connection an unknown enemy seeks to find and capture these sensates. The show also explores a number of social issues from sexuality and gender to politics and religion. Its diverse cast is one of the major elements that set it apart, attracting a global market as well.

Coming from the minds behind The Matrix franchise and V for Vendetta fans flocked to see what was in store for the Wachowski’s television debut. And the overall reception was positive, with many fans rewatching the series a number of times. With the popularity, it came as a surprise that Netflix still hadn’t announced the Season 2 renewal over two months after the series had released. Usually Netflix series get renewed or cancelled almost immediately after their first season release, with long waits going up to a month. But co-creator to the series J. Michael Straczynski discussed the show recently at TCA’s summer press tour acknowledging the fan’s positive responses and hope for a second season (via The Hollywood Reporter).
Though there hasn’t been official announcement on the returning cast and crew, the video certainly teases the return of all the main players, and based upon Straczynski and the Wachowskis excitement on the project, it seems unreasonable to even question their involvement. The team had previously announced they designed the show around a five-season story arc, so we sure hope we are in for that long of a haul. Netflix notes that Sense8 Season 2 will be “coming soon” so more details on that exact release date are sure to come soon.

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