Those of us who have seen enough Sex and the City throughout and after the series' run on HBO know that the drama is split between four lead characters, with Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie often narrating the sexual and romantic endeavors of her friends as she writes her newspaper column. Jumping around between characters often leads to amusing and occasionally punny segues. This supercut strings together many of them, demonstrating just how often this happens.

Via Jezebel, Slacktory posted this Sex and the City super cut, which suggests that Sex and the City is really just one long segue.

Carrie finding clever ways to segue from one of her friends' story to the next is part of the style of her writing, and it served the series well in finding amusing ways to tie the stories together and create a balance and flow between Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. The use of segues isn't exactly a new observation, but I will admit, I don't think I ever noticed how often Carrie used location as part of it ("While Uptown…", "And Downtown at…", "Several blocks south…", "On the Eastside…") until I watched this video. Good stuff, especially in anticipation of The CW's upcoming SaTC prequel series The Carrie Diaries.

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