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This episode starts like all the others: Chloe is overseeing Clark as he cleans up the streets, Zod is flying around being his usual jealous self, and Lois and Clark are bickering about the romantic weekend ahead of them. We are then brought to the McDougal Inn, Lois and Clark's romantic escape, only the new pairing of Chloe and Ollie are there as well. We then hear about how an avenging spirit may haunt the grounds and Urkel creates a machine to see ghosts -- wait wrong show.

Well, as worn out as this very cliche story is, it turns out to be mildly entertaining. We get to see the incredibly attractive Erica Durance parade around in not one, but two revealing outfits. First up is your average nightie scene, but later then she shows up in a skanky Irish girl costume. I'm beginning to see why every ghost, alien, monster, and mad scientist is after her.

If this episode wasn't cliche enough, when Lois and Clark are about to kiss, a scream startles them and of course they have to investigate. The innkeeper assures them its a wolf and they head back to bed where they run into the also curious couple of Chloe and Ollie. I swear if there wasn't a dude flying around shooting lasers from his eyes I would think this was a 90's sitcom. A very predictable awkward breakfast follows.

Meanwhile, Zod meets up with Tess, and after your typical power-hungry speech, she shoots him. But like Ozymandias, he catches the bullet(If you don't get it, you don't want enough geek stuff). Zod is awfully arrogant and we see him brought down a few when Tess whips out the old kryptonite. So of course, that action leads to them making out. Kryptonians are weird.

My favorite part of the episode has to be the following scene: Chloe, after hearing there are wolves in the woods decides to go for a walk alone in said wolf-infested woods. Next thing she sees is a ghostly outline of a woman with glowing eyes. Time to turn back, you say? No! Chloe ventures forth until she herself comes face to face with this week's villain, Silver Banshee.

After some naked hi-jinx, Clark heads into the woods to confront whatever is possessing women at the McDougal Inn, while Ollie searches the woods with Silver Banshee-Lois, while the Innkeeper discover a means to defeat Silver Banshee. Clark confronts Banshee and we get to see a very comic-like interpretation of the classic Superman villain: your run of the mill battle, complete with slow-motion scene, ensues and we go back to everything like it never happened.

Back in Metropolis, we find Tess and Zod in bed. An earlier conversation between Clark and Chloe asked the question of whether Clark had control over his powers during baby-making, which begs the question of how Zod has enough control to bump uglies with Tess and not shatter every bone in her body since he's only had his powers for like a week. Of course, he picked up on that whole flight thing a lot quicker than Clark.

Spoilers Ahead! I hope this whole killing off the villain thing ends. Supes isn't going to be able to have any epic rematches if they're all dead. Silver Banshee is a character who has been fighting Superman since 1987, and although I understand it's easy to bring back ghost characters, I would hate to see Zod, Tess, and Toyman be his only recurring enemies. I like this show, but this episode was a three out of five at best.