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No matter how many times I turn my TV to FX on Tuesday nights these days, it isn’t ever a new episode of Sons of Anarchy. But perhaps that completely understandable and logical cycle could be changing soon, in a way, as show creator Kurt Sutter has soothed many a bearded drinker’s worries by making it known that the upcoming spinoff is indeed in active development.

Now, Kurt Sutter is a guy known for choosing his words wisely, particularly when he’s ripping something or someone apart in an interview or blog post. And even though this came from Twitter, it’s still a pretty vague piece of affirming news, so he’s must necessarily have to be skimpy on explanations. Does that stop me from celebrating it and anticipating another detail-deficient tweet in the near future? Not even a little.

After all, Sons of Anarchy’s Mayan spinoff has been an idea that’s been floating out there for a while now, but without a whole lot of concrete news or evidence that anything was moving with any noticeably forward momentum. Upon putting an end to his own series The Bastard Executioner, Kurt Sutter gave an update by saying that the Mayan MC would be the next thing he focused on, namely through finding a culturally proper writer/showrunner to handle all things narrative-driven. It’s unclear if this is what he was talking about, but that probably would have earned a bigger report than just a mild social media announcement. But he does say the story is beautiful, so maybe...

It’s also possible that it has something to do with securing a location, as Sutter and other producer types have reportedly been scouting places out, according to ComicBook, which is stopping the former Shield writer from attending next month’s Space City Comic Con in Houston next month. Hell, I’m down to cheer for them finding somewhere that might one day compare to Charming as the local stomping ground.

Not that we really know where those local stomping grounds will be. Details haven’t really been easy to get as far as what this story would be like. Sutter has stated he wants to set it far enough away from Charming as not to really touch that world, but still close enough so that possible character crossovers would be possible if they were warranted. We know who we want to see.

Even though Sutter isn’t going to be the source of the storytelling on the follow-up series, he’s still the conductor of this gritty universe, and he knows more about it than anyone. (Except for actual Mayan biker gangs, I guess.) Hopefully the next update about the Sons of Anarchy spinoff will be one where cast members are named and a series order is given and production dates are laid out. Until then, check out everything that is definitely coming to your televisions soon with our summer TV schedule.

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