Soon You'll Netflix 100 Times Faster, Thanks To Li-Fi Technology

This is a game changer. And movie changer. And TV changer. It’s a big change, ok?

Have you ever been in the middle of a Kevin Spacey monologue in House of Cards when buffering issues ruined it? Were Piper Chapman and Alex Vause about to have their 300th fight in Orange Is The New Black, when suddently the episode paused? Well fear not Netflix users- there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The development of new wireless technology that is going to make a internet much more available, and reportedly 100 times faster has just been announced. This technology is called Li-Fi, and it is going to transform everyday lightbulbs into wi-fi hotspots. Sounds like something out of Lost in Space right? Except it’s real!

Li-fi has been being conceptualized for quite some time, but development has taken a major step forward as it has now begun actual tests, resulting in speeds that would make a binge watcher drool.

The announcement of Li-Fi’s development was first announced in a Ted Talk four years ago. While it seemed like mere sci-fi at the time, German Physicist Harald Haas has continued to take steps in making Li-Fi a reality.

So how does this system work? To (try to) put it simply, rather than the internet stemming from one single unit, and radiating through your home, each of the Li-Fi bulbs will use physical light to radiate connectivity downward. The below image illustrates this distinction:


Seems too good to be true, right? Well, the technology does have some limitations. Because connectivity is being sent via overhead lights, you won’t be able to use Li-Fi outdoors. This means that Wi-Fi hotspots will still be a necessity once Li-Fi becomes public. Afterall, if I can’t watch people be decapitated in Game of Thrones while outside waiting for the train then what’s the point of living? Additionally, walls will serve as the Kryptonite of Li-Fi, so you’ll need the speciality bulbs in every room of your house (and possibly your refrigerator) in order to have non-stop streaming capabilities.

When we expect Li-Fi technology? International Business Times reports we may have to attempt to contain our excitement, because it’s going to be another 3-4 years before the possibility of Li-Fi will be viable. That’s like… 5 Marvel/Netflix series premieres. So keep those Wi-Fi routers going because you know you’re going to see how many times Rosario Dawson is going to show up on Netflix in the next few years.

I, for one, am ready to welcome Li-Fi into my As someone who typically carries around my tablet so I can watch and rewatch my favorite series as I walk around my home, this would be a game changer. Then, while I’m laundering my clothes I can watch Rick Grimes scream Carl’s name non-stop. While I cook dinner, I can see Jessica Lange as one of her many characters on American Horror Story.

I’m so ready for Li-Fi. Seems like a bright idea to me. (See what I did there?)

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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