The line between good guys and bad guys has gotten grayer and grayer among some of the more complex and compelling TV shows airing these days. Those looking for a male character who's a beacon of hope, goodwill and high morals can head into theaters this weekend to catch the highly anticipated Man of Steel. Those looking for more of a dark side in their hero (or anti-hero) have only to turn on the television in the coming weeks. We looked over the Summer TV line-up and found that this year's scripted programming has a pretty fantastic selection of bad-boy characters looking primed to cause some trouble.

Whether they're villainous, mischievous, dangerous or simply trouble-making, here are eight TV bad boys headed for the small screen this summer (ordered by series premiere date).

Ben Diamond
Ben "The Butcher" Diamond - Magic City
Magic City presents Miami in the fifties, a city of bright colors, glitz and glamour, with cool costumes and even cooler cars. On the surface, Miami is a picturesque but fast-paced town, but at its heart, the city is hopping, thanks to gangsters and gamblers and men willing to cut and make under-the-table deals. In Magic City, the best of the worst is Ben Diamond, a high-end city mobster who skillfully negotiates (read: bribes) the police, doesn’t take crap from anyone, and has managed to carve out a kingly niche for himself in Miami.

Diamond isn’t your usual bootlegging thinking man. Known as “The Butcher,” he’s brilliant and cruel, and while he sometimes sends henchmen to do his dirty work for him, he more often than not is perfectly happy to get his hands messy, as well. Nothing was as frightening and impression-forming as watching Diamond kill his own dog while it was playing with his wife by the pool in Season 1, and with so many unresolved plotlines and so much promised intrigue ahead in Season 2, he’ll be the biggest baddie around this summer.Magic City returns Friday, June 14 at 9:00 p.m. ET on Starz.

Bill Compton
Bill Compton - True Blood
It’s a strange world that sees True Blood’s Bill Compton on this list. Compton’s a vampire, true, but he’s also a fine southern gentleman, Sookie’s former lover and a man with true power and esteem in his community. Bill has a shown the ability to be absent emotion and even nefarious, however his brand new path as a god-beast full of religious vampire fervor has made it clear the man will be a straight-up bad boy moving forward. In truth, there’s nothing else many fans would rather see.

Instead of the dully romantic Sookie-Eric-Bill love triangle, all previews indicate that Season 6 of True Blood will have some real stakes, both for humans and for the supernatural communities. At the heart of this is Bill’s new form and capabilities, which HBO’s teasers have indicated, includes an ability to walk in the daylight. That should make him uniquely capable of playing an integral part in setting up the war between vampires and humanity that’s coming, and given his newfound outlook, we can only guess how bloody the battles will be. True Blood returns Sunday, June 16 on HBO.

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