While a lot of people are watching Supergirl and seem to really dig the tone and look of the series, not to mention its heroine, those who dislike CBS' new drama have been a little more vocal about why. Some people are dissatisfied with the broad strokes of a network show, which is trying to fit as many people as possible. Some are dissatisfied with the costume or the seemingly naïve attitude of a young woman—with superpowers—trying to make her way in this world. Some are dissatisfied that it was Supergirl who made it to the small screen, period. But while Supergirl may not be the heroine for everyone, she is the heroine we need. Here are four big reasons why CBS' new drama is the perfect TV fit.

supergirl plane
She's A Trier
Here’s the thing about Kara Zor-El Danvers. She’s a trier. She’s the type of girl who is fearless with her opinions in the office and is willing to try to push herself and her powers when taking on new foes. Sure, this has gotten her into trouble with her boss Cat Grant and it could put her in danger at some point while saving the day. But actress Melissa Benoist makes the character work without making her seem foolish. The point is, Supergirl is not insipid or silly. She’s warm and exuberant and willing to jump in.

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