Unusual and intricate costumes are a mainstay in superhero comics. Whether it’s a hero defending innocents or a villain doing harm to others, most of the time these characters are wearing these outfits during their activities. More importantly, though, is that the outfits help visually separate these primary characters from the normal folk. After all, it’s not as exciting to watch if a hero and his nemesis are just fighting each other wearing a plain shirt and pants…not in this genre, anyway.

With all the comic book shows that aired this year, there were a lot of interesting outfits being worn on our TV screens. Much like many of the costumes in comic book movies, these TV costumes weren’t exact translations of comic book attire (with a few notable exceptions), but they nonetheless kept the basic defining elements that make these characters identifiable. That’s one of the best things you can ask for with a comic book adaptation, and with that in mind, let’s take a look at the best comic book TV costumes that debuted during 2014!

Spoilers ahead for every DC and Marvel series that aired during 2014.

10. Reverse-Flash
10. Reverse-Flash
He may be a blur every time viewers see him, but there’s no hiding that Reverse-Flash is wearing the same opposite-color-scheme in The Flash that Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon do in the comics. Nowadays, many comic book adaptations tend to avoid using bright colors in costumes, but in the case of Barry Allen’s greatest nemesis, he makes yellow frightening! While the costume isn’t as bright as the illustrated version, it’s still a great recreation; and once we get a clear look at Flash’s twisted doppelgänger, the other mirrored features will hopefully be there as well, such as the backwards lightning bolt symbol.

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