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Drama is running high in the Big Brother house this week. In addition to the Veto competition, a new alliance was established and Libra got into a shouting match with two of the older houseguests. Actually, if it were an actual shouting competition, it would’ve come down to Libra and Renny because Jerry’s voice is way too raspy for a contest like that.

Before we get to that though, let’s talk about the new alliance. Jessie, Memphis, Angie and Michelle have joined up to form Team Badass. Jessie and Memphis are the muscle of the house and Angie and Michelle both seem fairly independent in terms of their actions in the game. This could turn out to be a really solid alliance or a total mess that’ll fall apart within a week. I can’t decide which way it’s going to go.

Prior to the Veto competition, Keesha told Steven that she needs to win the Veto so she’s not nominated in anyone’s place. I’ve been trying to get a good read on Keesha. In a way, she reminds me of Daniele from BB8 in that she always seems miserable. It could just be the high arches of her eyebrows but with each passing episode, I’m starting to think she’s just perpetually unhappy.

The Veto involved the houseguests reading license plates mounted on a wall. The plates had words on them that when strung together with other words, sounded out Big Brother phrases. When someone rung in, a sheet dropped over the wall and the houseguest who buzzed in had to list off the three state names listed on the license plates that made up the phrase. This proved more difficult than you would think. The houseguests seemed to have a harder time remembering the states on the plates than they did stringing the words together.

One by one Jessie, Steven and Dan were eliminated after guessing incorrectly. When it came down to Michelle, Libra and Keesha, they were told that the next round would be for a week-long slop-pass. As Keesha and Libra are miserable on slop they both wanted it but whoever won it gave up their shot at the Veto and neither wanted to risk it. So no one won the Slop Pass and in the end, Michelle got the last question right and won the Veto.

While Dan’s strategy has been to lay low this week in the hopes that he’ll appear less threatening than Steven, Steven has been playing a lot more aggressively. Keesha seems to be Steven’s strongest ally but it looks like she failed to learn a lesson from what Angie did last week when she tried to save Brian. As the majority of the house seems to want Steven to go, rather than just going with the flow and looking for a window through which she might be able to casually push for Steven to stay, she decided to be more upfront about wanting to save Steven. This immediately caused some of the houseguests (Michelle, Libra and April) to distrust her even more. After the Veto Keesha claimed she wouldn’t have used it had she won it. When it comes to the Veto, in pre-Veto discussions, it’s often a good strategy to just keep it vague and not make any major promises. That way when you don’t win it, you don’t have to try and unsay the things you said, as Keesha attempted to do. There’s no point in putting your neck out if you’re not guaranteed to win it.

Keesha’s poor play to keep Steven wasn’t the only drama in the house, though the big fight shown in tonight’s episode was partially Keesha’s fault. After whining about everyone talking behind her back, Keesha proceeded to talk smack about some of the girls in the house to Renny. Renny, who admitted to liking other people’s house-drama because it helps shine the spotlight away from her, brought up a conversation she had with Libra after the food competition. Libra, whom we saw complaining about having the two old people on her team for the food comp in Sunday night’s episode, apparently shared this grievance with one of the old people she was complaining about. We saw a clip from the conversation, in which Libra was trying to say that she thought the teams should’ve been more balanced but the way she said it, or at least, the way Renny took it, it sounded more like she was disappointed at getting stuck on the same team with BB’s two oldest houseguests. Renny seemed totally put out by the comment but either Libra didn’t see that or she ignored it because she apparently let it go and didn’t bother trying to make sure Renny wasn’t offended.

When Jerry overheard Renny relay this conversation to Keesha, he was furious. He started mocking how Libra acts and called her a bitch. After burning off some steam, he took what was left of it right to Libra and demanded an explanation for what she said. Libra shot out of bed, her hair a mess and went immediately on the defensive, shouting at Jerry for misquoting her. He said she said he was slow and old, she said she never said “slow.” And when Jerry told her it was Renny who told him about the conversation, Libra started screaming at Renny. The whole thing was kind of funny, actually though I kind of feel bad for Renny and Jerry for having to be insecure of their age. That said, neither have proven to be very good at comps thus far. I’m sure there are plenty of people both their ages that could handle some of these competitions a lot better than Renny and Jerry. If BB wanted to make the teams more balanced, they wouldn’t have let the houseguests pick their teams.

After that spat, Steven used the drama to try to convince Jessie and Michelle to use the Veto and put Libra up in his place. When Michelle seemed unsure Steven told her she could take Dan off if she wanted. As long as he’s up against Libra, his chances of staying would be better. Michelle wouldn’t commit to anything and in the end, she opted not to use the Veto. Dan’s Veto speech was good (complimenting Michelle, reminding her that if she saved either of them she’d be in their good graces and adding that if she decided not to use it, no hard feelings) but Michelle seemed to have made up her mind already by that point. There’s no point in rocking the boat by using the Veto. If she were to use it and the person who went up in whichever saved-contestant’s place didn’t go home this week, she’ll likely have made an enemy for nothing. As she’s not allied with either of this week’s nominees, best to just let things play out the way they already are.

We’ll have to find out tomorrow night whether or not Dan’s plan of laying low will keep him from being evicted or not. Meanwhile, Steven’s planning on using the swirly-strategy, stating that he’d dunk people’s heads in the toilet if that’s what it takes to stay.

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