Well, to put it mildly, it was a weird week in the Big Brother house. Normally after nominations, there are lots of secret meetings and the houseguests flip and flop over who they think should be evicted. Deals are generally made and sometimes broken and then, come Thursday night, someone goes. This week was totally not like that.

Ok, a deal was made. Daniele’s intention all along was to backdoor Jen but she figured, why not get Amber to give her a week of safety if she got Head of Household in the coming week? We saw on Tuesday that Amber, having told Jameka that she wouldn’t promise more than she would be willing to give, offered Daniele pretty much everything. As it turned out, Amber didn’t get Head of Household this week but since she promised Daniele safety, if/when she does get it, that promise might be put to the test some time in the future. She did swear on here daughters life. Again. Who ever thought the life of a child could be such a useful bargaining tool?

So Jen went up on the block and unlike the previous times she’s been nominated, she didn’t take it so well this week. After Dick did a bit of mild (for him at least) antagonizing, Jen decided to crush all of his cigarettes (four cartons worth) and douse them with bleach. She chased this act of calm rage with a turkey burger, an apple and some cottage cheese. As Jen is supposed to be on slop for the month, her low-fat dinner was a rule breaker. Big Brother punished her with a penalty vote and Dick got his revenge by hiding her clothes in the HoH room.

While all of this was happening, Daniele and Amber were busy being whisked away to New York to play on Power of 10. We didn’t get to find out much about that other than the fact that Amber’s cousin and “Daniele’s BB Boyfriend, Nick” were on hand to aid them. I guess her “real life” boyfriend was unavailable. If you want to see Amber and Daniele play on Power of 10, the episode will air on Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

The houseguests spent the week fighting with Jen but as tonight’s episode is only an hour long, we only got to see a small portion of the Jen-drama. Dick started smoking a cigarette while Jen was eating. This set her off in a rage. She got in his face and tried to knock the cigarette out of his hand. He proceeded to allow the cigarette to poke her in the hand a couple of times while she yelled at him for burning her. You play with fire, honey… The funniest part about this whole scene was the action-movie music playing in the background. I wouldn’t mind seeing what their little sibling-like squabble looked like in slow motion.

The houseguests complained about Jen’s blatant disregard for the rules and the integrity of the game. I can kind of see where they’re coming from. Everyone else has obeyed the slop rules. Jen’s attitude was to give up completely. She didn’t try to work with people and give them a reason - any reason - to keep her and evict Jameka. Like Carol and Kail in their final weeks, she just rolled over and died. And instead of doing it gracefully, she gave a figurative finger to Big Brother by ignoring her slop punishment. That part I can at least partly understand.

The real problem I had with Jen’s behavior this week wasn’t that she crapped all over the game by refusing to try to stay or her ignoring the slop rule. It was that she didn’t seem to really enjoy any of it. I mean come on, if you’re going to go out with a bang, go out with a BANG! When she fought with Dick she appeared to have tears in her eyes. She seemed to genuinely be emotionally affected by her impending eviction. That would’ve been fine if she’d at least have broken down and really cried. I mean pick a role and stick with it! You’re either a bitch who doesn’t give a crap about the show or any of the houseguests, or you really want to win and you’re not going to let these guys get the best of you. This in between stuff was just disappointing.

As expected, Jen was evicted unanimously. She kept it together through Julie’s interview and watched the videos of the houseguests giving her their sugarcoated good-bye messages. This was as to be expected, as all the houseguests know she’ll be on the jury.

For the Head of Household competition, the houseguests were perched above dunk tanks. Julie read them questions that were given to the previously evicted houseguests and the HoH participants had to guess which of the two listed houseguests made the comment. Eric got out first and was dunked. It came down to Dick, Jessica, Zach and Amber. Julie asked a question to which Dick and Jessica guessed “A” and Zach and Amber guessed “B.” This was crucial, as Dick, Daniele, Eric and Jessica swore to take each other to the final four. If they were both wrong, Zach or Amber would have control of the game this week. Fate smiled kindly on the Late Night Crew (Version 3.0). Amber and Zach got dunked and Dick and Jessica faced off for the final question.

Jessica ended up winning Head of Household for the second time. It’s probable that America’s Player will be safe for another week.

What Did You Think Of Jen's Departure?

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