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TV Recap: Entourage - The Day Fu*kers

After learning that the title of tonight’s episode of ‘Entourage’ was “The Day Fu*kers,” I should’ve anticipated a more sexually charged episode than usual but nothing could’ve truly prepared me for the sexy shenanigans the ‘Entourage’ boys would get themselves into. In short, a bet is made that leads to Eric and Turtle on a mission to have unattached sex. Vince takes Eric under his wing while Drama introduces Turtle to the crazy world that is Craigslist.

Before we get into that though, let’s get Ari’s little parental breakthrough out of the way. After Headmaster Preston told Ari that the reason their son wouldn’t be admitted into his school was due to Ari’s constant verbal outburst and aggressiveness, the Golds tried to get him into other private schools in the area. Unfortunately, headmasters talk and Ari’s son had been blacklisted from all of the schools. They would have to send him to public school (oh, the horror!)

Ari tried to deal with the situation by hiring a private detective (whom he apparently uses to stalk potential celebrity clients) to follow Preston and get some dirt on him. No dirt could be found though. Apparently another couple had attempted the same thing but the detective that was hired for the job couldn’t dig anything up. So Ari decides that instead of worrying about what school their son attends, he and Mrs. Ari will just have to provide a better home for their kids and not rely so much on the school to raise them.

As he’s about to cuddle up and read with his son, the child asks his father if he’ll be able to attend the same school as his best friend, whom we learned earlier, made it into Preston’s school. Ari is too heartbroken to break the news to his kid so instead, he goes to Preston’s house and tries to appeal to him one last time. He gives a genuine, tearful speech about how his son shouldn’t be punished for his father’s mistakes. Preston takes all of this in and agrees to let Ari’s son into the school if Ari can offer his son a desk job at the agency. Ari agrees. Apparently everything is negotiable in Hollywood as long as you have the right connections.

Now onto the sex stuff. Eric, Drama, Vince and Turtle are having breakfast at a restaurant when they start discussing Eric’s sexual habits. The guys describe Eric as a “nester” who doesn’t have unemotional sex. Eric tries to deny this and a bet is made. Vince bets that Eric can have sex with a stranger whom he wont call afterwards by the end of the day and Drama bets that Turtle will be able to do it before Eric does.

Vince takes Eric to a hotel where they lounge at the pool. Within moments of their arrival, two British hotties offer to buy them drinks. It isn’t long before Vince is up in the hotel room doing one of the women. Eric is left out by the pool with Heather, whom he engages in some awkward conversation. Just as Heather is about to get Eric drunk on tequila, Sloan shows up. Finally we learn that Eric broke up with Sloan and the two haven’t spoken since. She didn’t even know he was back after his three month post-Medellin trip to Italy. Proving once again that Eric is the king of awkward conversation, the two exchange small talk and then she leaves.

After not getting it on with Heather, Eric returns to the hotel, ready to give up on the bet altogether. He calls Sloan and she confesses that she’s seeing someone else. Eric then leaves and heads over to the hotel to sleep with Heather.

I’ve saved the best for last. While Vince was off trying to get Eric laid, Drama was helping Turtle find a girl. They went to Craigslist where there are often personal ads for people seeking sexual encounters with strangers. They sort through the ads, some of which have very graphic pictures and Turtle settles on one from a woman claiming to have been a prom queen. When he meets up with her, she is very beautiful. She checks Turtle out and decides that he’s satisfactory for her needs. I don’t know if I’m alone here but I assumed by the way she ordered him to pick up something from the dry cleaners and meet her at her house later, that she might be some kind of dominatrix.

Turtle thought the same thing until he picked up the dry cleaning. The outfit was not a leather body suit with a mask. Well, there was a mask but it belonged to a large fluffy bunny costume. A perplexed Turtle looked to Drama for an explanation. Drama knew immediately what the costume meant. This chick was into furries. If you’ve never heard of this fandon/fetish, I assure you, they do exist. One of Cinema Blend’s forum members actually crashed a furry convention last year. As far as I understand, not all of these people are into the sex aspect of it but they do enjoy pretending to be animals.

The sight of Turtle dressed up in the pink bunny costume was pure gold. Drama takes him to the woman’s house but in the end, Turtle just cant do it. Even when Drama offers Turtle a bigger cut of the bet winnings, he refuses. Finally Drama decides if he’s going to lose $5,000 from the bet, he’s at least going to get some sex. He grabs the costume and heads into the house. Turtle waits for a while in the car and eventually gets up to peer into the window of the woman’s home. He witnesses Drama and the woman (who also has a furry costume on) going at it while she makes little animal noises.

So in the end it looks like Eric won the bet but Drama came out a winner as well. I have to say, I was both impressed and disturbed by Drama’s knowledge of the fetish world. I was also a bit saddened by how things turned out for Eric and Sloan but at least we finally got to find out why she was all of a sudden, out of the picture.

What did you think of the episode?

Kelly West
Kelly West

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