TV Recap: Greek - Mr. Purr-Fect

With the stunt Evan pulled tonight, I’m starting to wonder if he might not be better suited for Frannie (whom I totally think is up to no good, I don’t care how nice she’s acting). Tonight’s episode of Greek focused almost entirely on the annual ZBZ-fest. This meant zero Dale-ness in the episode (boo!) but plenty of drama and competitive spirit between the fraternities.

I vaguely remember the pilot episode of Greek, in which Rusty and Calvin checked out the various fraternities. Among them was the jock frat, Lambda Sigma Omega. These guys are all muscled-up athletic types. Tonight, this frat was featured among the groups competing in the ZBZ fest. Each of the frats are coached by a ZBZ girl. While Frannie takes on the task of coaching the Omega Chi’s, Casey coaches the Lamba Sigs and Rebecca coaches the Kappa Tau’s. The three girls make a friendly wager that the coaches of the losing frats have to clean the winning frats’ bathroom. Basically, there are only losers in this bet as the winner will only really win bragging rights and the enjoyment of knowing two of her sorority sisters are going to be scrubbing urinals.

The ZBZ fest includes competitions like the “Sitting kitty see-saw sit” and the “Mr. Purr-fect” pageant. I’m not totally sure how the ZBZ’s managed to get the guys to agree to participate in this cat-themed competition back whenever the comp first originated. Perhaps it was the purr-dy cat trophy that was awarded to the Mr. Purr-fect winner or the title of “Big Cat on Campus” that was too hard to pass up but everyone from the Kappa Taus to the Psi Phi Pi’s are participating.

The Guy Code

How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson recently brought to light something called “The Bro Code” few weeks back. Somehow I don’t think Barney would approve of Beaver and Wade’s supposed “Guy Code”, which essentially states that Rebecca’s allowed to treat all the Kappa Taus like crap and they’re not allowed to say anything about it to Cappie.

Most of the frats get into the spirit of the ZBZ fest but Rebecca’s competitive streak turns her into an all out nightmare and this pretty much sucks the fun out of the competition for the Kappa Tau’s. She’s having particular trouble getting along with Rusty, whom she hates due to his association with his sister. He holds equal disdain for her due to the fact that she (in his words) can’t even get a boyfriend without stealing one from his sister. Aww, his loyalty to Casey is adorable but I’m also thinking he mostly can’t stand Rebecca because she’s kind of a bitch. Rusty mentions wanting to say something to Cappie about it more than once but Wade and Beaver assure him that speaking ill of a whipped frat-brother’s lady is a big no-no in the guy code. Even after the guys are sent down into the basement to think about their shame after performing badly in the day’s comps, Cappie brings up Rebecca’s difficult-ness and they all deny it and say she’s fine.

Cappie, who apparently keeps costumes for role-playing purposes tucked away in his closet, tries to keep things fun with Rebecca when the two are alone but she’s all business. Finally, after Cappie witnesses Rebecca yelling at Rusty, who was unfortunate enough to be assigned the role of her assistant (and this includes performing tasks like scheduling a bikini wax for her and matching the temperature of her latte with the weather), he decides to turn the tables on her and purposely lose the competition.

Ok, the Kappa’s didn’t have much of a chance at winning the thing anyway but if they were going to win it, it would’ve been based on the comedy routine that Rusty and Cappie were going to perform. It involved Rusty made up to look like a puppet, sitting on Cappie’s lap and telling jokes. Instead, Cappie changed the act so that he just had Rusty recite Shakespeare. No one got it and they lost. Rebecca got all mad at Cappie until he reminded her that the Rebecca Logan he knows wouldn’t care about a competition like this. She realizes he’s right and the two head comfortably back to the way things were. Meanwhile, Cappie rewrites the Guy Code so that version 2.0 allows his friends to tell him when his girlfriend’s pissing them off. Rebecca makes amends by buying the Kappa Taus pizza. Everyone wins.

While all of this is going on, Casey’s getting all flirty with Shane, the resident hottie of the Lambda Sigs. Evan, having told Casey that he’s ok with just being friends, realizes right off the bat that he’s not happy seeing Casey flirting with some hot dimply guy with long, dark, slightly wavy hair no matter how lacking in personality the guy is. Casey, with the help of Ashleigh, gets excited over the prospect of a new crush and enjoys flirting with Shane. She’s completely oblivious to how it’s making Evan feel. She even shares an awkward see-saw kiss with Shane. Meanwhile, Frannie appears to want to help Evan, although strangely enough, she never actually comes out and says “Hey, I can help you get back together with Casey if you want.” She mostly just speaks in metaphors, talking about “losing battles” and whatever and I could be wrong but it seemed more like she was just enjoying being close to Evan. I could’ve read that all wrong but that’s the impression that I got. Maybe I’m just with Calvin on this in catching “an underlying whiff of evil every time she walks by.”

Speaking of Calvin…

Why does everything have to be about being gay when you’re gay?

Ashleigh’s French class T.A. Michael is gay and since Calvin’s also gay, she figures they’re a perfect match. If Ashleigh weren’t so adorable, I doubt her ditziness would be so charming but alas, she is really a good matchmaker. In addition to being gay just like Calvin, Michael’s also been to France just like Calvin! It’s as though the stars have aligned. Anyway it needs to be pointed out right now that Michael is played by none other than Max Greenfield – a.k.a. Deputy Leo D’Amato (Mmmmm… Deputy Leo) from Veronica Mars and the obnoxiously douchy assistant, Nick Pepper from Ugly Betty.

Calvin and Michael hit it off over coffee. They chat about ANTM and Calvin does a hilariously accurate impersonation of Tyra that totally charms Michael. Then a couple of Calvin’s frat brothers stop by and Calvin doesn’t introduce them to Michael. This doesn’t go unnoticed or unaddressed. Calvin apologizes and Michael’s all “Hey, you’re under no obligation.” But later a lovely floral arrangement shows up for Calvin at the Omega Chi house and the guys are especially nice to Calvin about it. The reaction a straight guy would’ve gotten if some girl had sent him flowers would’ve probably been a bit of humorous ribbing on the part of the brothers but their niceness let’s Calvin know that they’re going out of their way to be tolerant instead of just treating him like any other frat brother. Meanwhile, Calvin thinks Michael sent the flowers to intentionally flaunt his gayness to the Omega Chi’s.

Calvin goes to visit Michael and calls him out about the flowers. He suggests that Michael did that in response to him not introducing him to his brothers. Michael counters that he’s just the kind of guy who sends flowers to guys he likes sometimes. And he has a clean bathroom filled with beauty products. Michael tells Calvin he’s going to the Gay and Lesbian film festival later and would love to see him there.

Just before the Mr. Purr-fect competition was beginning, Calvin has a talk with Ashleigh about how openly gay Michael is. She convinces him to go to the film festival with her and when they spot Michael, it’s clear on Calvin’s face that he’s into him. With Ashleigh’s help, he comes to realize that he’s getting in his own way by being too sensitive about the whole openly-gay thing. So it looks like we’re going to be seeing more of Michael.

How ‘bout a thousand?

Back to what I mentioned before. The thing Evan did that will most certainly come back to haunt him. After Shane won the stupid cat trophy, he and Casey agreed to meet up later to celebrate. When Casey goes off to gloat over her win (even though Frannie and Rebecca end up hiring a maid service to clean the frat bathroom), Evan approaches Shane and offers him $500 to stay away from Casey. Shane gets offended and acts all macho. Then Evan offers him $1000. This apparently does the trick because later on when Shane shows up (late) to meet with Casey, he essentially blows her off and tells her he’s not interested in hanging out with her. He leaves her sitting there feeling totally confused and a probably a little bit hurt. Evan asks Casey out for some totally-casual coffee the next day and she accepts.

How long before Casey finds out that Evan bought Shane off? Will she even care or will this be the next big “OMG how could you?!” moment in their on-again-off-again relationship?

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