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TV Recap: Las Vegas - Adventures in the Skin Trade

At a strip club-bachelor party for Mike’s friend, Danny punches out the owner for roughing up an old friend of his from high school – a stripper named Angie. Danny brings Angie back to his place, where she and Delinda bond and decide to form a stripper’s union. Angie wants some respect, along with health and child care benefits for her son, named…Danny! No worries…he’s named after her dad.

Big Danny bonds with Little Danny, watching cartoons and playing pull-my-finger. Ha ha, very funny. Then the kid keeps asking Delinda hard questions, like why do Rice Krispies go snap, crackle, pop? Just a little taste of parenthood for the parents to be.

Pretty soon, strippers are invading Danny and Delinda’s place, making signs like “No Health Care, No Derriere!” and “Hell No, We Won’t Show!” Danny’s oh-so-thrilled when Delinda volunteers him to help the strippers negotiate. He ends up on Hardball with Chris Matthews, with Mike coaching him from the sidelines.

All’s well that ends well, when Coop decides to buy a strip club and negotiate with the strippers. Other club owners will have to follow suit. Way to throw the cash around, Coop.

Meanwhile, Piper is making extra cash stripping for Mike’s buddies on the side. Is it just me, or does this girl go way beyond the duties of hotel concierge? Whatever. She made thousands in a couple nights, so more power to her.

But wait, there’s more. Piper had a few too many cosmos one night and made an embarrassing sex tape. She asks Sam to find it and deal with it. No problem. Sam loves rifling through peoples’ personal things.

Things end with Delinda giving Danny his own personal pregnant lap dance. Awww…that’s sweet.