The year 2014 was an especially great year for television, making a list of top shows a difficult thing to put together. It feels like there were several series that didn't make the cut that would easily have made it any other year. Which ones? Well, let's not spoil the fun. This month, the awesome CinemaBlend staff is putting together the lists of the shows we feel have really stood out from the pack. Everyone’s list is different, so if you don’t see your favorites here, be sure to check back in and take a look at our other TV best of lists that will be hitting the homepage over the next few weeks.

Without further ado, here is Jesse's list of the best shows of 2014. Be sure to also check out Jessica and Nick's top tens.

10. Nathan For You
Okay. So admitting to 'cheating' probably isn't the best way to start a top ten list, but the decision to include Nathan For You might not solely be based off of this year's episodes. Don't get me wrong, the eight that aired in 2014 are spectacular, I just also happen to watch the eight from 2013 for the first time this year and that could have colored the decision. Sorry, I simply hadn't heard of the hilarious series until "Dumb Starbucks" made actual news and people started speculating that it was one of Nathan Fielder's 'stunts.' The reality show that spoofs reality shows had moments (like the "Realtor" and "Daddy's Watching") that made me laugh harder than any other series this year. Nathan For You shows that the truth isn't just stranger than fiction, it can also be funnier. And here I thought cringe-humor was on the way out.

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