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True Blood Preview: Season 5, Episode 3 Clips - The Authority, Tara And Sam

Because we're still just getting to know the vampires that make up Roman's inner circle at the Authority, I've sort of taken to given some of them nicknames. It's an almost unintentional thing, likely due to watching too much TV. Christopher Heyerdahl is the Swede (Hell on Wheels reference), Peter Mensah is, of course, Oenomaus (Spartacus reference), the little kid vampire is the Immortal One (Buffy reference) and the woman with the short hair is Sharon Osbourne, because she reminds me of what the America's Got Talent judge and wife to Ozzy might look like vampired and southern. Assuming they stick around long enough, I'll probably learn their actual names, but that's where I'm at with them right now.

All of the above mentioned vampires are featured in the first clip we have to show you from this Sunday night's episode of True Blood, titled "Whatever I am, You Made Me." It looks like they're still divided and undecided on what to do with Bill and Eric now that they know Russell is out there. Conflict, in this case, can really only be a good thing for Bill and Eric. As long as the Authority is divided, they have a chance at avoiding the true death, and maybe even getting out from under their thumb.

And in other news, if you're caught up on the show (if not, stop reading now!), you already know that Tara's a vampire, and that she's on the loose. In this clip, we see her running into Sam…

Remember when Tara and Sam were friends? And then friends with benefits? It's kind of interesting that one of her first encounters with a human is with Sam. And unlike with Lafayette and Sookie, it looks like she's reaching out for help from Sam rather than reacting in a hostile way. Can't wait to see what happens next!

True Blood airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.