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The New True Detective Season 2 Trailer Has Dialogue, Looks Amazing

With a plotline that is wisely staying away from all occult references and callbacks to speculative fiction influences, True Detective‘s Season 2 can stand as a piece of hard-boiled fiction without a theory industry taking over the conversation. Speaking of conversation, people are actually talking in the new trailer for the highly anticipated series. Check it out below.

Now, we aren’t specifically sure of what everyone is talking about when they’re saying things, but that doesn’t hinder our excitement. At the center of this new story is a bizarre murder that connects the lives of three cops: Colin Ferrell’s Ray Velcoro, Rachel McAdams’ Ani Bezzendes and Taylor Kitsch’s Paul Woodrugh. To be expected, a web of conspiracy is layered over the whole thing, and it all has to do with Vince Vaughn’s Frank Semyon, a criminally motivated entrepreneur whose partner in a land development deal is the murder victim.

This is a show that will undoubtedly have its share of gunplay – and hopefully something like that incredible one-shot take from Season 1 – but it’s kind of cool that the trailer focuses more on other signs of violence. Each of the lead characters has a moment that reflects that. Ray’s hands are bruised, and it’s almost certainly not from wild games of racquetball.


And Ani is keen on keeping her knife skills intact for any close-combat situations that come her way.We can definitely expect that to come into play.


Finally, there’s Paul’s body, which is bruised and scarred. He’s a war veteran and a motorcycle cop, so any number of terrible things could have happened to Paul in the past.


Beyond this tip-top foursome of actors, True Detective’s cast also includes Kelly Reilly, Michael Irby, Abigail Spencer, Timothy V. Murphy, Rick Springfield, Ashley Hinshaw and many more.

True Detective will hit HBO’s schedule on Sunday, June 21, just in time to kick off the summer in the most depressing way possible. Maybe the next trailer will add a little levity by adding a quick shot of that wild orgy scene.

Nick Venable

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