The Two and A Half Men Finale Trailer Hints At A Charlie Sheen Return

Charlie Sheen has been openly talking about the possibility of a return to Two and a Half Men for months, and with tonight’s series finale looming, the network has released a trailer for the brand new episode, which is rolling with the title "Of Course He's Dead - Part One and Part Two" and the sub-title “Charlie Harper is alive. Or is he?” The trailer makes it seem as if an appearance by Charlie Sheen is pretty obvious, but that’s not necessarily true. Check out the trailer, below.

The new preview hints at secrets, leading to a big reveal where Evelyn Harper (Holland Taylor) asks whether Charlie is actually still alive. Neighbor Rose answers with a concerned expression, saying “kinda.” Unfortunately, it’s all pretty vague and teasy, as the whole related story has been. The network, the cast, Charlie Sheen and the crew have all been giving us the runaround for weeks.

It all started when Charlie Sheen spoke out this fall about wanting to appear on Two and a Half Men during the CBS comedy’s final season. At the time, it seemed impossible, as Sheen’s relationship with the show and showrunner Chuck Lorre had not been so hot since Sheen took shots at both back in 2011. At one point, the man went so far as to call Two and a Half Men “a steaming pile of ass.”

However, we soon learned Sheen and Lorre are apparently on less bad terms than they were during Sheen’s #winning phase. Then, Ashton Kutcher popped up on Ellen and mentioned the possibility of a Sheen return, although he wouldn’t flat out say it was happening. Between the title, Kutcher’s interview, the above trailer, and the fact that the guest stars aren’t listed for the finale, it seems like Sheen absolutely has to appear. Right?

Unfortunately, Sheen just threw out this tweet this morning alluding to his awesome upcoming appearance on ABC’s The Goldbergs, where he is planning to reprise his role from Ferris Buehler’s Day Off. The tweet also seems to stipulate that he won’t appear on tonight’s Two and a Half Men finale.

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So, there is contrary evidence related to the potential Charlie Sheen cameo on Two and a Half Men. The CBS comedy has built up so much hype at this point that it will almost be an equal disappointment if Sheen shows or doesn’t show up in the plot. I’m pretty sure I’ll personally feel equally misled, just for different reasons. Regardless, Chuck Lorre and co. are making sure there is plenty to talk about related to the finale.

The Two and a Half Men finale will be a special hour-long episode. It hits CBS’ schedule tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

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